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MCO Productions is looking for several students to volunteer who have are in the performing arts. We are in need of new, energetic faces to perform on stage, act as stage hands, costume design and creation, dancers, and musicians who can play in an orchestra. The primary characteristic we are looking for is the ability and desire to reach out and touch the lives of those for whom you are performing.

MCO Productions has been in operation for over 20 years. During that time it has produced numerous plays involving hundreds of performers and other volunteers. It has reached an approximate many hundreds of people who have attended the various plays written and produced by Marilyn Olson. The focus of the messages and themes of the plays include hope, redemption, and faith that regardless of the trials we face there is always a way to lift ourselves and be more than we are currently.

Organizational Purpose: To produce and promote quality family-oriented musicals on a non-profit basis and to use the musicals to generate funds for worthy community and/or global causes.

For further information contact Jeff Osborne at 971-715-1403 or Marilyn Olson at mcoproductions@hotmail.com.

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