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Ride on Tuesday (11/21/17) Ride on Tuesday (11/21/17)

  • Publish Date: 11/15/17
  • Price: $20.00

Hey Guys, Is anyone going home to anywhere near Seattle on Tuesday afternoon after 1? I could leave right at 1, I just get off from work. I would just need a ride up. I'll pay for some gas as well. Thanks! Contact me:…

Hey Guys, Is anyone going…

Ride to the Portland Airport Ride to the Portland Airport

  • Publish Date: 11/14/17
  • Price: $50.00

Hey GFU fam! I need a ride to the airport next Wednesday. I would need to leave campus by 1 P.M. I would pay for your gas money! If someone could give me a ride or if you know someone going to the airport around that time that would be SO helpful! Thanks…

Hey GFU fam! I need a ride to…

Film Maker Film Maker

  • Publish Date: 10/26/17
  • Price: $5.00

If you need a movie made, I can work with you to make the best video for your needs. I have done professional videos in the past for law firms, the metro, and my latest documentary premiered on November 4th in Colorado Springs. For any needs, I am…

If you need a movie made, I…

  10/26/17 Film Maker $5.00

Graphic Designer Graphic Designer

  • Publish Date: 10/26/17
  • Price: $20.00

Can do personal logos for companies or even just a fun design for your business card. Want a unique portrait? I can do those too for the same price. 

Can do personal logos for…

  10/26/17 Graphic Designer $20.00

Filmstyle Photography Filmstyle Photography

  • Publish Date: 10/25/17
  • Price: $75.00

Hi, I'm Silas — photography is my passion! I love photography that tells a story and unearths emotions by focusing on details that would otherwise go unnoticed. I have done several film projects as well, and a love for photography that has a modern…

Hi, I'm Silas — photography is…

  10/25/17 Filmstyle Photography $75.00